Welcome to r/SuicideNotes memorial

During the summer of 2018, r/SuicideNotes got banned from Reddit due to a lack of moderation. This subreddit described itself as "the safe haven to have your last words immortalized and protected". After a few requests for returning the subreddit were ignored, it was clear that these notes were lost forever.

Over the years this subreddit was accessible, a positive community was created around it where users would help each other by talking openly about their problems and struggles. Discussing mental health without the fear of being judged is essential to break down the stigma surrounding suicide and it was something that this subreddit was well known for.

The purpose of this website is to ensure that these notes remain safe and accessible so that the people behind them won't ever be forgotten. Having all these notes available again hopefully serves as a reminder for everyone that we are not alone and that more people than we would expect struggle daily with thoughts of suicide.